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our mission

underpinning the work we do is a shared focus on three pillars...

We aim to support the industry to play their part in Welsh Government’s ambitious targets for growth contained within the Wales Food and Drink Action Plan.

Food and Drink is a key growth sector for Welsh Government and is essential to delivering the goals of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act, due to the role it can play in environmental sustainability, public health and the economic regeneration of rural Wales.

Through supporting the innovative and sustainable development of the industry in Wales and working closely with our stakeholders, our goal is to support the Welsh Government to realise its ambitious objectives for growth and rural development. 

Global needs

Through the Future Foods Programme, we aim to help the Welsh Food industry tackle our global challenges and understand global best practice covering:

  • The impact of climate change on what we can produce.

  • The needs of our changing population in terms of increasing size and demographics of the global population

  • The ever increasing need for a sustainable food production system

needs of the individual

The programme will help companies engage in collaborative R&D to understand and address changing consumer demands, provide products which are healthly and nutritional, and have a sound scientific basis.

With obesity, an ageing population and  allergies presenting challenges to health services, how can food & drink businesses to help optimise good health and well-being?

relevance to wales 

Work under the Future Foods Programme will be directed by the Well being of Future Generations Act, looking at creating a prosperous, resilient, healthier Wales which is globally responsible and has a positive impact on Wales and its people. Through this perspective we cover issues such as:

  • What food should we produce in Wales?

  • What are the economic, social and environmental impacts of what we produce? 

  • What is global best practice and what is most appropriate for us to adopt in Wales?

  • What are the technical advances we need?

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