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Stimulating R&D to solve industry identified challenges…

Working with the food and drink industry in Wales, we aim to generate value and impact from research generated opportunities and by providing R&D driven solutions to industry needs. Some of the current areas of interest are highlighted below.


alternative protein

Alternative proteins, such as plant-based meat substitutes and edible insects, provide a substantial amount of protein and potentially need less natural inputs to produce than the most common protein sources, meat and fish.


Composed of different sequences of amino acids, proteins are found in almost all whole foods. 

What can we produce in Wales to increase the sustainability of our food supply chain and provide nutritionally beneficial foods?



Controlled-environment agriculture is a technology-based approach toward food production. 


The application of technology will support improved efficiency, profitability and sustainability of food systems and increasing the varieties and extending the availability of food grown in Wales.

How can Wales bring enhancement to food production using state of the art and proven technologies looking across multiple sectors?



Cereals provide opportunities for new products and markets, such as meal replacements, supply to malting and distilling markets and wider crop opportunities such as new ingredients for animal feeds.

Can Wales increase sustainability and tackle climate change by producing new oat drinks as a high protein alternative to Almond and Soya?




Welsh dairy farmers have the natural resources, the right climate and abundant water to produce high yields of grass, they are world-class, and able to compete with the best on a global scale. 

But how can Wales reduce the environmental and sustainability issues associated with dairy farming? And can animal feeding and husbandry of dairy provide better nutrition for humans?



Meat from Wales is enjoyed by consumers throughout the world, and is a hugely important part of our food and drink economy.


By exploring the natural functionality and nutrition of meat products can Wales reduce the environmental and sustainability issues associated with livestock farming?


Can the use of diet and/or supplements to livestock produce healthier meat?

shutterstock_430751752 (1).jpg


Algae provides opportunities to derive new products and markets, whilst enhancing value or mitigating waste from traditional food production. But could it is also be a polymer for packaging or used as a fertiliser? Or as a mitigator for run off and cleaning up waste water from primary agriculture or processing?

Can Wales utilise Algae as a base for meat replacement or as a medium for making foods?



Through Future Foods we aim to be addressing the following cross cutting themes:

  • Addressing environment and climate change Issues

  • Building sustainability into the food industries processes 

  • Developing nutritionally sound products

  • Supporting engineering and design advances 

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