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  • Natalie Rouse

All you need to know about nutrition throughout the life-cycle

We all know that it is important to keep fit and healthy from a young age. We recognise that too many take-aways and not enough movement could land us in some deep water with not only our waistline, but our organ health too!

Little do we know that as we progress through the life-cycle, our needs vary in terms of diet and exercise, not to mention the influence our genetics and environmental factors have on us.

Did you know that having a ‘sweet tooth’ really does exist, protein shakes aren’t just for those gym bunnies and ‘eating for two’ is the ultimate excuse for an extra cupcake?

This insights article gives you some guidance on what you should and shouldn’t be focusing on throughout the different stages of your life, from the effects of obesity on fertility and foetal development to why protein intake is important as a senior.

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