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  • Natalie Rouse

Food and Drink R&D in a changing consumer market

In the current climate there is an obvious need to deal with the day to day challenges of running your food and drink business, but there is also numerous other considerations and decisions to be made to support the longer-term resilience of your business.

It is likely that the landscape of the food and drink industry will change permanently, and food security and sustainability is more important than ever.

Clear innovation strategies will help to provide a springboard for rapid recovery. But strategies may need to be adjusted to consider re-purposing or re-directing R&D plans to be more aligned with the changing market and customer demands.

Key food trends have continued to show growth over the past few years, and remain, but some have taken on a new direction. More than ever consumers and customers are starting to turn to innovation for inspiration and to provide solutions for their changing requirements - whether that be health, nutrition or affordability.

As the pandemic changes the food and drink consumer market, it is unclear whether this is a short-term shift or long-term change- only time will tell. But what is clear is that the pandemic opens opportunities for businesses to meet the demands.

Future Foods continues to deliver world-class expertise in food science, technology and nutrition R&D to ambitious Welsh food and drink businesses seeking to develop healthy, market-creating products.

We will be hosting a series of breakfast webinars focusing on R&D, exploring the latest trends in innovation in conjunction with consumer and customer demands. The webinars will provide the opportunity to open discussions, consider ideas and develop possible project collaboration.

If you are a commercial food and drink manufacturer in Wales wishing to engage with collaborative R&D with the aim of developing healthy products or improve the nutritional benefits of your current products please get in touch for more information.

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