• Natalie Rouse

#HealthyKidsfor£20 - Week One (Thursday Recipes)



Comfort food and nutrient packed.

• 40g oats,

• 150ml milk (more or less to make consistency you enjoy) ,

• Optional toppings- 1 banana or 1 tsp peanut butter

Place 40g oats in a bowl and add 150ml milk. Place in the microwave for 2mins. You do not need to buy the prepacked ‘2 min oats.

If you would like you can add a dollop a teaspoon of peanut butter on the top or stir in OR Top off with a sliced banana and enjoy this comforting breakfast.

Can also be used as a snack for hungry growing children!


Tortilla Pizza

Similar to homemade pizza the topping is a great way to use up left over vegetables, meats and bits of cheese.

Use the tortilla instead of a dough pizza base. Add 2tsp tomato sauce on the base and then add topping of your choice and add cheese.

Place under grill until cheese has melted.

A good snack or lunch option.

kcal 290


Veggie Chilli

A good way to increase protein without using meat whilst increasing the slow release carbohydrate and fibre content.

The onion, carrot, tomatoes and peppers all increase the vitamin and mineral content as well as adding flavour.

Rice is a good carbohydrate option that releases energy slowly to help physical activity and mental focus.

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