• Natalie Rouse

#HealthyKidsfor£20 - Week Two (Sunday Recipes)


Serves one or two, depending on how hungry you are!

• 2 slices of bread

2 eggs

• 15ml milk

• 1 tbsp butter

Beat together the eggs and milk in a shallow dish big enough to take a slice of bread.

Heat the butter in a frying pan over a medium heat.

When the butter is ready, dip both sides of the slices of bread in the eggy mixture and lay in the frying pan, leave to cook until golden before flipping over and cooking the other side.


Chicken Fajitas

Makes two children’s portions

A Mexican favourite that is quick and easy to make using chicken and lots of vegetables for a tasty and nutrient packed meal.

Tomatoes and peppers (all colours) and are high in vitamin C.


Makes enough for 4 portions for children

This cottage pie is a great way to increase your protein and vegetable intake.

You can add a variety of extra vegetables to the mixture to up the vitamin, mineral and fibre content.

Potatoes are a great source of vitamin C and fibre and release energy slowly.

Minced beef will provide you with protein to help muscle repair and growth. Experiment with leaner meats such as minced pork, but this can make it a bit more expensive.

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