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Online Insight Series

Over the coming weeks, Future Foods will be running a series of webinars focusing on R&D, exploring the latest trends in innovation in conjunction with consumer and customer demands. The webinars will provide the opportunity to open discussions, consider ideas and develop possible project collaboration.

Take a browse below of the scheduled webinars and register today!


Coastal Edge – the future of food & drink covering Algae, Seaweed and all things coastal

Thursday 25th June 9.15 am - 10.00am

What are the latest trends and developments across this sector?  How could collaboration help develop projects for the region – healthy products, infrastructure, industry development, circular economy.

Register HERE


Protein: Trends, Opportunities and Innovation

Thursday 9th July 9.15 am - 10.00am

The protein trend continues to grow due to a wealth of associated health benefits. What are the key messages consumers are buying into, and how can this shape potential areas for product development?

Register HERE


CBD: Regulations and Potential Food Applications

Thursday 16th July 9.15 am - 10.00am

Where are we with CBD? Under the current regulations what potential products could deliver the associated health benefits and fit consumer trends? 

Register HERE


Healthy Eating and Personal Nutrition: Trends, Immunology, Healthy Gut and More

Thursday 23rd July 9.15 am - 10.00am

COVID-19 has made many consumers reconsider what ‘healthy eating’ means to them. What are the emerging food/beverage trends consumers are investing in, to enhance immunity? Why is the gut microbiome fundamental for health and how these factors have aided growth in personal nutrition?

Register HERE


If you are a commercial food and drink manufacturer in Wales wishing to engage with collaborative R&D with the aim of developing healthy products or improve the nutritional benefits of your current products please get in touch for more information.

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