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Future Food:

Advanced Analytical Centr

Bespoke facilities supporting the analytical needs of Future Food projects and interacting with the Aberystwyth University Well-being and Health Assessment Research Unit (WARU) for food intervention studies

Advanced compositional testing in biorefining for development of novel food ingredients and fermentation process support:

  • Chemical content analysis - Including minerals, sugars, organic acids, alcohols, lipids, lipid oxidation status, pro-oxidative and anti-oxidative capacities.  

  • Comprehensive profiling and structural elucidation -  To monitor nutraceutical extraction or fermentation processes using ultra high resolution LC and GC mass spectrometry.

  • Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometry -  Targeted quantification of bioactives  in development of functional food raw ingredients. 

Food quality and composition: 

  • Analytical capability to determine food composition - Bespoke tests for process quality control.

  • Food bioactives discovery and validation - Comprehensive profiling of foods for discovery and validation of (lipidomics and metabolomics) dietary exposure biomarkers and bioactive functional compounds. 

  • Comprehensive lipid and fatty acid profiling – Analysis of fat soluble components, and lipid fractions.

Food functionality and health claims:

  • Dietary exposure biomarker analysis –  Targeted, quantitative analyses of urine and blood samples to assess compliance in food intervention  studies and to measure biomarkers of overall eating behaviour in clinical trials with novel foods

  • Bioavailability and metabolism assessment -  Determining the metabolic fate of food bioactives/nutraceuticals  in  clinical trial participants. 

  • Nutritional status assessment – Clinical biochemistry analytics supporting nutritional status assessment. 

Well-being and Health Assessment Research Centre (WARU):

  • Food intervention clinical trials -  Food-grade facilities for intervention studies exploring health claims associated with novel foods

  • Body composition assessment  - Including DEXA imaging and ‘smart’ scales for measurement of lean body mass, fat content, bone density and metabolic phenotype

  • Physical capability measurement – Assessment of impact of food intake of body function

  • Dietary intake assessment -  On-line tools and molecular assays for accurate measurement of dietary intake of individuals and populations

  • Clinical biochemistry -  Measuring the impact of novel foods on metabolism  and physiology, including  interaction with NHS laboratories providing accredited analyses

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