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Food Matters Live 2019

Natalie Rouse took to the big smoke last week to investigate the latest trends in the food industry. Being the largest hosts of ingredient companies in the UK, Food Matters Live was a great opportunity for us to catch up what’s going on in the market.

With climate change being a staple headline in the media over the past few months, it isn’t a surprise that sustainability, food miles and packaging was a hot topic of the day.

Gut health and the microbiome

An interesting trend to watch in 2020, this topic was mentioned throughout the day, highlighting its importance in many different areas. This topic has also been supported with extensive research, literature and clinical trials.

An area which caught Natalie’s attention was the gut/brain axis – the correlation between gut health and its importance on mental wellbeing. Not only was this topic present in the seminars, but also across many trade stands.

Healthy ageing

Another seminar focused on the importance of healthy ageing, looking at the nutrition and physiological changes that occur when one ages, which can impair nutritional uptake. They also touched upon the different life stages, particularly females during the menopause and how many are suffering from malnutrition because of miss information. The transition through the older life is often overlooked, therefore the importance of having the right information about each stage and what your body needs to age healthily is crucial.

Convenience foods

It has been reported that here in the UK, the average brit picks up at least one take away per week and the need for healthier, convenient options is ever-growing. Most convenient foods tend to be heavily processed and low in fibre. As a result of this, convenient food can be unfulfilling.

One seminar looked at ingredients which support digestive health, new ingredients such as types of polyolsugars or sugar alcohols can support digestive health whilst reducing processed sugar intake.

Different fibres and anti-inflammatory foods were also explored, along with foods which support bioavailability of nutrients in the intestine.

If any of the above subjects interest you, or you would like to get involved with the conversation, get in touch with us! If you think you may have a solution to the above trends or need support developing a concept, we would love to hear from you.

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