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  • Natalie Rouse

Future Foods Insight Series - Coastal Edge covering Algae, Seaweed and all things coastal

What are the latest trends and developments across this sector?  How could collaboration help develop projects for the region – healthy products, infrastructure, industry development, circular economy.

View the recording of the Future Foods Webinar below.

Download the slide pack here: Coastal Edge Webinar

20200618 V5 NR LN Coastal Edge Webinar S
Download • 2.22MB

If you would like further information on any of the topics discussed during this webinar please contact us at

Enjoyed this webinar?

Over the coming weeks, Future Foods will be running a series of webinars focusing on R&D, exploring the latest trends in innovation in conjunction with consumer and customer demands. The webinars will provide the opportunity to open discussions, consider ideas and develop possible project collaboration.

Take a browse below of the scheduled webinars here:

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